Quenby Tyler Artist



Born to a British Mother and an American Father, Quenby was raised in England until her late teens when the Tilley family returned to the U.S. By age 19, she began working in the film industry starting in the wardrobe department and eventually holding esteemed credits as art director and production designer.

In her early 20’s, Quenby enrolled in a painting class on a whim and instantly found her passion and voice through art.  Her unique impasto style, which is largely self-taught, began as a hobby albeit within a short time she was entering shows, selling her work and winning awards.  It was not until Hurricane Ivan destroyed her vintage clothing shop in 2004 that Quenby finally decided to make the leap into painting full time.

Working from live models, snapshots or vintage black and white photographs she has collected in her travels.  Quenby’s paintings often depict lively scenes from bygone eras. Her candid artwork has an openhearted, gregarious style that distinguishes itself as being both irresistibly engaging and instantly recognizable.

 Quenby’s favorite source of inspiration by far is the human face. She prefers painting with Acrylics and employs a multitude of large brushes as her divining rods, seeking out nuances of human mannerism.

Today, demand for Quenby’s work continues to grow as collectors appreciate her vivacious use of color and passionate brush strokes depicting scenes that traverse time, culture and continents.